What We Do

The RVI Group offers a broad portfolio of specialty insurance products, financial solutions and analytical services. With our sophisticated underwriting, risk analysis and asset valuation expertise, we deliver a wide range of benefits to clients worldwide.

Commercial Equipment

For commercial equipment, residual value insurance is an effective tool for managing asset value risk.

Passenger Vehicle

Our core expertise is residual risk assessment based on deep industry knowledge and sophisticated analytics.

Real Estate

Real estate clients use residual value insurance to increase the loan-to-value ratios of credit tenant lease financings by insuring the final balloon payment on an extended amortization loan.

About RVI Group

The RVI Group is the world’s leading provider of residual value insurance. For over 28 years, our solutions have brought financial, regulatory and accounting benefits to our clients, who are active worldwide in leasing, asset-based finance, and asset securitization.

RVI’s core business continues to grow, and we are leveraging our strengths to diversify into complementary markets and geographies that offer additional growth opportunities. Our family of products and services now includes passenger vehicle analytical services and severance management.

A Growing Family of Businesses

Residual Value Insurance
RVI Analytical Services
Severance Management (TSI)