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RVI No Longer Using Fitch to Rate its Financial Strength

R.V.I. Guaranty Co., Ltd. – Bermuda – 29 Sept 2011:  R.V.I. Guaranty Co., Ltd., a Bermuda Class 3A Insurer, and its affiliated Connecticut domiciled insurance entities R.V.I. America Insurance Company and R.V.I. National Insurance Company (collectively referred to as “RVI”) announced today that they will no longer use Fitch Ratings to rate their financial strength.  RVI will continue to use Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best for financial strength rating services as it believes that these two agencies can adequately service its ongoing needs.

RVI is a leading provider of residual value insurance and analytical services to its clients that are active in leasing and asset-based finance transactions for passenger vehicles, commercial equipment and commercial real estate.

For more information please contact: 203-975-2100 or visit our website:  www.rvigroup@com.

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