STAMFORD, Conn.Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RVI Analytics (a RVI Group company), in partnership with Maryann Keller & Associates (MK&A), is pleased to announce the launch of its new used vehicle price analytical services offering. U.S. and Canadian subscriptions are now available at

The new subscription offerings are built upon RVI’s core analytical product, the RVI Used Vehicle Price Index (UVPI), which is used to help support portfolios with billions of dollars in insured residual values for passenger vehicles.

RVI Analytics has expanded and enhanced the analyses and report types available to paid subscribers. Now, for a limited time, RVI offers to provide the UVPI to its subscriber base without cost or obligation with registration for a complimentary RVI Analytics account.

Complimentary premium content, now available through September 8th, 2018, provides subscribers with an opportunity to trial the data before committing to a premium subscription, and will include the following analytical and proprietary based resources:

  • Used Vehicle Price Index (UVPI) Pre-release (released first Friday of every month)
  • UVPI (Historical Data)
  • UVPI Forecast (Beyond 1 Year)
  • UVPI (0-2 year old vehicles)
  • UVPI (6+ year old vehicles)
  • UVPI (Segment Data)
  • UVPI Exotic Segment (Beta)
  • Periodic/Regular Subscription Reports w/ Commentary
  • Proprietary Reports w/ Commentary (Limited)
  • Timely & Controversial Topic Reports w/ Commentary
  • Access to Flat Rate Telephone Call with RVI Analyst

“The RVI and MK&A teams have done a fantastic job of bringing RVI Analytics to market,” said Rene Abdalah, Senior Vice President of RVI’s Passenger Vehicle Group. “I’m proud of everyone’s hard work on the product development and market introduction, and the very positive feedback we’ve begun receiving from our clients and subscribers. The launch of RVI Analytics is an important milestone for us, allowing us to expand our contributions to the industry and better serve our customers.”

About RVI Group:

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