Complimentary vs. Premium Subscription

We are pleased to offer you both complimentary (free) and premium membership subscription levels. Please review the details below and choose the membership option that best suits your needs. If you choose the complimentary version, you can upgrade to our premium offering later.

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Feature Free Premium
Used Vehicle Price Index (UVPI)
Used Vehicle Price Index (UVPI) Pre-release
UVPI Forecast (12-months)
UVPI Forecast (Through 2025)
UVPI (0-2 Year Old Vehicles)
UVPI (6+ Year Old Vehicles)
UVPI (Segment Data)
UVPI Exotic Segment (Beta)
UVPI (Historical Data)
Periodic/Regular Subscription Reports w/ Commentary
Proprietary Reports w/ Commentary (Limited)
Timely & Controversial Topic Reports w/ Commentary
Access to Flat Rate Telephone Call with RVI Analyst
Cost $0 $1400